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Our ever-expanding portfolio of services means we can fully service your Share Registry needs.

With our current suite of registry services including registry maintenance, capital raisings, corporate actions, company meetings, employee share plans, shareholder communications and in-house printing offering.

We understand how important every aspect of the registry service and experience is. Along with our highly competitive rates, we deliver value to our clients through our suite of services and highly experienced team accompanied with the latest technology.

Our ever-expanding suite of services means we can fully service all your share registry requirements not only for today, but all future ones as well.

Advanced Share Registry Limited - Services

At Advanced, we provide Registry management packages.

Our advantage lies with our sophisticated, powerful and user-friendly online platform and advanced in-house IT department. Our website allows issuers and shareholders to easily log-in, view holdings, download reports and documents, and update their details.

At Advanced, we understand the importance of your company's shareholder meetings, and are able to assist in the design and despatch of shareholder documents – including Proxy Forms, Notice of Meetings and Annual Reports. Our experienced staff members are available to help in the running of your meeting and, if required, can be on-hand to register shareholders and conduct polls. We can also offer meeting services online.

We can manage all aspects of proxy processing for your company, including the preparation, printing and distribution of proxy forms to your shareholders, together with an online alternative. We can also process the proxy forms and provide a detailed report on the results.

We provide services in a range of Corporate Actions and Capital Raisings, such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Share Buy Backs, Rights Issues, Share Purchase Plans and more. We also provide printing and document formatting services, which means an end to end project management.

We can implement an Employee Plan for your company, with employees able to easily log-in and view their holdings via our website. They are also able to maintain contribution records.

Advanced Share Registry provides a comprehensive online platform for investors to view and update all shareholder details relating to their investments.

Through our corporate partnership with leading investor and media relations service providers, our clients can access a suite of market intelligence tools, including register analysis reports with detailed share ownership data, and a comprehensive CRM platform and contacts database.

Advanced Share Registry offer an in-house printing and mailing solution. With the latest state of the art technology, we can provide a cost effective and efficient printing and mailing solution for all your printing needs with the minimal turnaround.

Automated system generated customised reports available via our online portal for your convenience.

Private Company Platform Pty Ltd - Services

Private Company Platform Pty Ltd (“PCP”) is a controlled entity of Advanced Share Registry Ltd. PCP’s was established to assist unlisted companies get better prepared for their “corporate event.” This may include a capital raising, IPO, succession plan or sale of the business. Going from a private company with few shareholders to one of engaging with the capital markets and expanding the shareholder register can be a daunting task and PCP’s experienced management team have the expertise to chaperone companies through this process. In addition, there is an increasing appetite of investors to allocate some of their portfolio to the private equity space and PCP’s mantra of “find-follow-fund” provides investors with greater confidence in finding the right company to follow and then invest in.

Many unlisted companies have aspirations of an IPO on ASX, NSX. SGX in a year or two and need to be better prepared for such event. By being on PCP’s platform in the lead up to the IPO, companies can get used to reporting to the markets, releases, financial reporting, webinars etc and this provides invaluable as they transition to an Official Exchange. Also, by building a following of prospective investors on PCP’s platform, the company may eb able to achieve a better spread outcome and possibly attract an institution on their register pre-IPO given the disciplined ASX-style reporting adopted by the company with PCP acting as chaperone.

Baby boomer founders are looking to retire and divest their ownership – preferably to the management team – of their long established profitable private companies. Valuations are usually very realistic and often the management team is the logical buy out party BUT they lack the funding to facilitate the buyout and the banks cannot cover the position. There is a huge baby boomer exit tsunami upon us with a multibillion funding conundrum. These companies are often well established and very profitable, capable of paying strong dividend yields to shareholders and generating capital growth from the dynamic management team keen to make their mark. PCP’s platform offers such companies a structured pathway to attract investors to back the management team, however it can quite a while to prepare such companies for the transition and PCP’s platform with its experience in this area can set the company on the right pathway for success.

With the volatile global equities markets, investors are looking to allocate approx. 5% of their funds into direct private equity – preferably across (say) five investments within a diversified manner. How then do you find companies of interest and follow them to as they establish a track record re results, meeting KPI’s etc? NOW PCP’s platform will become the place to go to find and follow companies that interest you. Then once they establish a track record and build a following of potential investors it makes it much easier for the company to complete a capital raising. Equally as important once you invest in the company, they remain on PCP’s platform to ensure ongoing reporting and shareholder engagement. PCP’s platform becomes your gateway to private equity investing.

Sharetech Pty Ltd - Services

Sharetech Pty Ltd is a controlled entity of Advanced Share Registry Limited and provides the share facilitation services for all PCP platform companies. By this we mean that often an unlisted company may raise (say) $2 million from 500 shareholders and invariably there is the need for a shareholder to sell their shares due to financial hardship, divorce, death or simply to realise their gain on their investment. On the other hand, interested followers in that company may be keen to buy some shares in the company but there are no fresh issues of shares expected. Sharetech then per its AFSL authority, would marry up the buyer with the seller. Clearly with Advanced Share Registry being the registry to all PCP platform companies makes it easier for Sharetech to deal within a known ownership environment. This degree of liquidity in PCP platform companies makes investing into such companies more attractive.

Sharetech’s authority also means that once off parcels of Issuer Sponsored shares in ASW or PC companies can be facilitated by Sharetech. This is another example of the extended range of services available to the ASW group.

More Experience

An Australian, mid-tier group servicing the west coast and eastern seaboard, Advanced Share Registry has more than 30 years' experience in delivering Registry Services and boasts a range of successful and growing business amongst our impressive client list.

We have a proven track record, with the physical and technical resources necessary to process large volumes of registry applications accurately under tight time constraints.

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Whether your move is to an IPO to grow your business, or even to switch registry providers, Advanced Share Registry is here for you.