Virtual Meetings Services

"Advanced Virtual Meetings"

Our exciting, inhouse developed virtual meeting service is now available for all company meetings.

The portal provides several technology driven features:

Live Stream Meetings

The meeting technology, hosted by Advanced Share Registry enables directors based anywhere in the world to conduct company meetings. Investors are provided with unique sign in details via their proxy forms enabling access to the dedicated virtual meeting platform. Investors view the company meeting via any mobile device or PC with an internet connection. Investors have the ability to view and listen to meetings and any additional participation is available via the Q & A facility or via the polling function.

Q & A

A real time question and answer facility enables shareholders that have signed into the Virtual Meeting website to pose questions to the board, before and during the meeting. The board can then publicize the questions and resultant answers to all shareholders, mimicking the real life events that occur during a typical, face to face company meeting.


A state of the art Polling Platform allows investors to electronically lodge their polling instructions. The results are collated electronically and are available to the company, post meeting.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing capabilities are available so companies can provide investors with visual aids, while simultaneously conducting their virtual meetings. Our staff will help manage your presentation so that your Power point slides are visible to shareholders at the relevant time during the meeting.

The Virtual Meeting will be managed by Advanced Share Registry, providing a seamless meeting solution.


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